“Whom have I in Heaven but You?”

“Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” – Psalm 73:25-26

As Asaph writes this Psalm, he has been despairing of the prosperity of the wicked. But when he comes into the house of God, he perceives their end and sees the majesty of the one who is His King. Dear Christian, in this world there is a grand temptation to be led to believe that the wicked at those who prosperity, joy, happiness, and success, but it is not so. Why? Because they do not have the Lord. They may have the pleasures of this life, but they do not have the glories of Christ. They may have the comfort of riches, but they do not have the comfort of the Word. They may have peace and security in their homes and in their treasure here, but they do not have the “…peace which passes all understanding…” (Phil. 4:7). In the last day it is them who will “perish” (Ps. 73:27) and be, “destroyed” by the Lord almighty.

Those of us who are the Lords, we have Him. And as Asaph cries out, not only do we have the Lord, but whom else do we need if we truly have Him? The answer resounds: No One! Besides the precious Saviour there is nothing on this earth that can satisfy our souls. Heart may fail, flesh may fail, we may be beset with sins, temptations, struggles, hardships, difficulties, trials, and the like, but God…God is our strength, our stronghold, our fortress, our deliverer, our satisfaction, and our portion for now and forevermore.

Dear Brother or Sister in Christ do not faint in doing well, for Christ is with you. Do not despair in hopelessness for Christ is for you, do not weary in steadfastness for Christ is your comfort and guide. It is he who will bear you up, it is he who will keep you. Run to Him this day and He will care for your soul.

-Lucas Champ


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