Faithful Friends.

“Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.” Proverbs 27:6

In this life friends can come and go. They are always different season in life in which the Lord brings people across your path for a specific plan and purpose. There are many reasons for why people become friends, perhaps they are in the same place in life, perhaps they share the same interests, perhaps they enjoy doing the same activities or going to the same events. Friends are people who want to associate with you, spend times with you, be with you, and share part of their lives with you. Sometimes people are your friends for more sinister reasons though. Some people want what you have, they want to use you, or they want to be acknowledged as important because they know you.

This is not the case with Biblical friends. Although friendships are built on and include many of the above characteristics, true friends are those who are unified over the greatest thing in this world: the Lord Jesus Christ. Brothers and sisters in Christ are friends who will stay with you through thick and thin, they are friends who are true friends. They are also friends who will wound you. They won’t wound you because they wanted to hurt you, cause you pain, or discourage you. They would you because they love you. A true friend is one who wounds another out of love for their ultimate good. They will tell them the truth, even when its hard, and will point them in the path of life when they straw from its ways. Thank the Lord for Christian friends who are willing to wound us for our good, so that we become more like Christ.

Lucas Champ


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