Bibliology – God’s Word is Authoritative (Part 1)

“Forever, O LORD, Your Word is settled in heaven.” – Psalm 119:89

A third characteristic of the Word of God that we will look at in this post is that the Word of God is Authoritative. The Question of Biblical Authority is really a question that can be asked in this way, “How do we know that the Word of God is actually the Word of God?” This is a legitimate question to be asked and for many people this question helps them understand that the Bible is not merely an ancient book, but it is more than that, it is the Word of God. Biblical authority has always ben challenged and will always be challenged. Therefore it is necessary to know how to respond to those who question the authority of God’s Word. If we believe that the Word is true, then there must be tangible proof for us to show that this is the case. What we want to do in the next few posts is examine the proofs that show us that the Word of God is true. By examining these proofs, we are hopefully going to be able to answer the question, “How do I know that the Word of God is true?” It is easy for a minster of the Word of God to say that God’s Word is true, but it is another thing for him to try and prove to unbelieving people that it actually is true.

(I) What is Biblical Authority? Biblical Authority means that all the words that are recorded in the Scriptures are the Words of God and therefore if anyone rebels against or does not   believe any portion of Scripture they are ultimately rebelling against and not believing God Himself. For the Scripture to be authoritative means that it is the ultimate standard by which we measure things against. It has the final say, it gives us the last word on all matters of faith and practice. Moreover it is completely true and without any error or fault, therefore what it commands for us to do, we must do because it is the ultimate standard of authority in this world.

(II) The Worldly Proofs of Biblical Authority: There are several proofs that one can look to in order to examine the truthfulness and authority of the Word of God. What is amazing about the Word of God is that when it speaks on any topic it carries complete authority. There are several proofs that mankind can and should look to in order to validate the Word of God and see it prove itself to be true. For the Christian, these proofs are merely here to add confidence to what they have already put their complete faith and trust in. For the man who is unsaved, perhaps the Lord can use these proofs to wear away his antagonism towards God’s Word and open his heart to see that God’s Word actually is true. It is only natural that if a person sees the Word of God as true in areas such as Science or Prophecy that they will be open to believe that it is also true in matter of religion and faith in God. Extra-Biblical proofs always add to the authority of the Word of God, but they do not validate complete faith and trust in the authority of the Word of God. Only salvation and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit will cause any man to truly believe that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God. So what are some of these proofs that we can look into that validate the truthfulness of the Word of God to mankind?

1. The Proof of Science. As we said, when the Word of God speaks on any subject it will address that subject with accuracy and authority. One such example would be when the Word of God interacts with the area of Science. Beginning with the first verse the Bible, the word interacts with Science by describing the 5 scientific principles by which man may study the unknown. These principles – time, force, energy, space, and matter – were promoted and taught to the world by the staunch evolutionist Hubert Spencer. But before even Spencer could promote these to the world, Moses had recorded them in the Words of Scripture over 3,000 years earlier. Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” This can be broken down as: “In the beginning” – Time. “God” – Force. “created” – Energy. “the heavens” – Space. “and the earth” – Matter. Right in the first verse of the word of God we have 5 foundational principles to Science. When God’s word speaks on the area of science it speaks with authority!

Another example of Science lining up with the Bible would be in relation to mankind’s blood. Mankind needs blood to live, without it they will die. In ancient times, when a person was wounded in battle, had an illness, or suffered with an infection, doctors would “bleed them” in order to remove what they thought to be “humors” in the blood stream, so that they could maintain a proper health. Contrary to this, the Bible has always taught that, “…the life of the flesh is in the blood…” (Lev. 17:11). This is now universally recognized as a scientific fact. God had obviously revealed to Moses this scientific fact years before doctors recognized it as true.

One other example of the complete authority of God’s Word in the area of science comes from the book of Job. Job 26:7 says, “He stretches out the north over empty space and hangs the earth on nothing.” This verse was written in the earliest book of the Bible (Approx. 1500 B.C.). But not until the 1600s did mankind discover and come to believe this fact. How did the writer of Job know this over 3,000 years ago? Because when God speaks in the area of Science He speaks the truth.

There are countless examples of scientific phenomena that were discovered by mankind and many of them are described in the Bible long before mankind found them to be true. What this proves is the absolute authority of God’s Word. Every single time that the Word of God interacts with Science, it is proven to be true. The Word of God therefore can be trusted, because whatever it speaks on, it will prove to have the authority and it will prove to be completely true.

Lucas Champ


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