A Joyful Heart is Good!

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” – Proverbs 17:22

Having a joyful heart is something that is truly rare in our world today. To be joyful does not mean that you are constantly happy, smiling, or completely carefree no matter what. Joy does not mean happiness. Biblical joy means that you are content and thankful for where the Lord has you no matter the circumstances. Biblical joy can be displayed in times of great trial. Biblical joy can be shown by those whose lives look like they are falling apart. How can this be? Well, for a Christian, biblical joy can be manifested in times of hardship or even sadness because they know who is ultimately in control. The apostle Paul was a man who had joy (See Philippians 1) even though he was imprisoned in Rome! Does this mean that Paul had no worries, or that he was constantly happy, happy, happy? Not at all. But it does mean, that despite his challenging circumstances, he actively chose to rejoice in the Lord because he knew with certainty that the Lord had a sovereign plan for Him even if that meant being in prison.

Dear Christian, I pray that you are one who has joy in Christ. I pray that you can display this joy no matter what the Lord brings across your path. True joy will praise the Lord for the good, and praise Him for the ‘bad’ (Rom. 8:28). True joy will allow you to be content no matter your circumstances because in the end, you can rest knowing that the Lord is working all things for His glory and your good. Be a person who actively chooses to have a joyful heart. It will strengthen your spirit and give life to your bones.

 Lucas Champ


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