To Give them Salvation!

“To give to His people the knowledge of salvation by the forgiveness of their sins.” – Luke 1:77

John the Baptist was a man who was come before Christ as a forerunner, proclaiming to the people of Israel that there was a Saviour who would come and save mankind from their sins. After the birth of John the Baptist, his father Zacharias prophesied concerning the ministry of Jesus. After John would come a man who would be a deliverer for the people of Israel and also for the world. This Messiah, as Zachariah says, would, “…give to His people the knowledge of salvation by the forgiveness of their sins.”

As we embark on the beginning of a new Christmas season, I pray that your soul would be encouraged by the fact that Christ came for you to help you understand that you need salvation. You see, without Christ we think we are okay. We think that we don’t need any help, we have got it all together, were fine. But oh how far from the truth that is! We are not okay, in fact we are dead, we are stuck in our sins and we cannot escape. Christ came though, as a tiny baby, wrapped in splendor, to show you and I that we desperately need Him. ‘We need a baby?’ you ask. Yes, we needed a baby to come, perfect God and perfect man to show us how desperately we need a Saviour, to show us that we need our sins forgiven. He came to die so that there could be a way that our sins are forgiven. This is why we needed Him.

This Christmas may you be in wonder at your need for Christ. And may you rely on Him. He will and does forgive our sins. He has given us a great salvation. Marvel, wonder, and worship!

Lucas Champ


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