Exhorted to Preach

“Until I come, give attention to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation and teaching.” – 1 Timothy 4:13

As Paul writes to Timothy, his son in the faith, he urges and exhorts him to be a man who is committed first and foremost to the Word of God in his ministry. The preaching of the Word of God is the preeminent form of worship. It leads the people of God to a greater understanding of who He is, what His Word says to them, and how they are called and commanded to respond to His Word. Preaching is a high calling, in fact, the call of being a preacher of the Word of God is the highest calling a man can be called to. What this also means though, is that it is the calling that requires the most humility and also the calling that contains the heaviest responsibility. Humility  is mandatory in preaching because the preacher is to draw absolutely no attention to himself. He is to receive no praise at all. All attention must be given to God, and all praise must be focused on Him. The preacher is merely a mouthpiece in the hand of God. Responsibility in preaching is the heaviest because the preacher is communicating the very Words of God. He is accountable to one audience and that it the audience of God. God is his jury and judge. God is his standard. It is vital, it is necessary, it is mandatory that the preacher communicates the Words of God accurately to the people of God. To miscommunicate God’s Word is to misrepresent God. This is why preaching carries with it such weight.

As Pau urged Timothy he wanted him to be well aware of his responsibility as a preacher. He was called to lead the people of God in the Word of God. In church the scriptures were to be read to the people, the people were to be exhorted in the Word of God, and it was to be sealed to their hearts and lives through prayer. The preachers life, is to be a life that is marked by humility and by an understanding of their responsibility before God and man.

It is my prayer today that as I prepare to preach the Word of God tomorrow to the Lord’s Church, that I would be marked by humility and would understand my position before God. May the Lord be glorified and I be brought low as the Word of God is brought to bear upon my own life, and upon the lives of His people.

Lucas Champ


One thought on “Exhorted to Preach

  1. You did indeed preach with a marked humility before God and yet you were filled with confidence in the message you brought. I believe everyone there was blessed by the way you passionately urged them to live a life of purity in preparation for the Lord’s return. I look forward to hearing you preach again someday. 🙂

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