Delight in Doing the Lord’s Will!

“I delight to do your will, O my God; Your Law is within my heart.” – Psalm 40:8

As Christians, as we walk the path of life, we are often faced with numerous challenges and decisions that we have to make. In our self-centered world it is often easy to chose that which will please us and make us feel good. Our whole culture is centered on a self-serve agenda. But when a person is saved the very way that they think is radically altered. They change from having a desire to serve self first, to serving God first. Having a God-first mindset will be their new nature, yet they will still struggle with living for and pleasing the flesh. To aid in this battle against the sinful flesh, the Christian must be constantly re-focusing his desires. What used to be a delight to him, no longer brings him joy, and what used to bore him, is now what keeps him alive.

The true Christian will have a desire and a delight to walk in the ways of the LORD. As David pens in Psalm 40:8, it is his “delight” to do the Lord’s will. Why is it his delight? Not because He is forced to obey, but because he wants to obey. The Law of God was no longer a burden to him, but a joy! The Law of God was written on his heart and therefore his souls greatest desire was to follow that Law and bring glory and honour to his LORD! Is it your desire to do the LORD’s will? I pray that it is. Search His Word to know what He requires of you, and when you know what the Lord desires, don’t just do it out of force or habit. Do it because you delight in doing what He wants you to do!

Lucas Champ


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